Trade Show Carpenters

It’s not just another job. This is a career

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Local 491 is where men and women just like you start their incredibly rewarding and satisfying careers.

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We make the region’s game-changing shows, events and conventions happen.

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Our members are the future of the events industry. We are part of something bigger than just ourselves.


Let our members tell you what you’re missing

“I love everything about my career as a Trade Show Carpenter and it works perfectly for family.”

Donna Borton, MEMBER SINCE 2016

“What do I love about my apprenticeship with Local 491? For starters, I’m never bored.”

Kyler Gossen

“I’ve worked a lot of jobs but haven’t had these type of benefits!”

Aaron Lewis

Why Trade Show Carpentry? Simple: “It’s the greatest job you can have!”

Steward Darrell Wallace

“There’s nothing like it! Trade Show allows me to earn like I have a college degree.”

Precious Armstrong

You look like a trade show carpenter.

There’s a lifelong career for you here – one that’s fun and exciting.

Our members start the first day of their apprenticeship making a wage and benefits package that far exceeds what you’ll find in the gig economy or as a service worker.

In addition to great pay, healthcare benefits, an annuity and a pension, our members enjoy incredible flexibility and have access to unlimited free training for life, programs that lead to certifications and new skills — all of which can increase pay across your career.

The Benefits

  • Great Members.
  • Great Carpenters.
  • Great Pay.
  • Great Benefits.
  • Great Experiences.
  • Great Flexibility.

Did you know?

Trade show carpentry is not only a good-paying job, it’s also an essential part of the always-growing live events business that is roaring back to life after the pandemic.

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