Local 491 provides its trade show carpenters a competitive salary and a stable income, excellent benefits and long-term job security with both a pension and annuity plan. But is it fun? Yes!

As one longtime member said, “It’s a cool ride.”

The world of a trade show carpenter is ever-changing, with a new show or event setup just around the corner. Gain the satisfaction of creating an event with a “Wow” factor in just five days, then take it down in two days and move on to the next job. Help build the coolest shows in town – the Washington, D.C., Auto Show; the Awesome Con pop culture show; and premier sports events such as the MLB All-Star Game and the CIAA Basketball Tournament. Be at the center of the action and have a front-row seat at the most sought after events on the East Coast.

When a friend or new acquaintance asks what you do for work, you can proudly answer “I’m a trade show carpenter.” You can impress them with highlights of your work, talk about the team you’re a part of and educate them on the excellent pay and benefits you earn by being part of the union.

Get busy building a career you can be passionate about. Join Local 491 today!