Being a trade show carpenter offers union members a great deal of flexibility and an excellent work-life balance. The apprenticeship program is generally a 3-year program, and while apprentices do not have the same flexibility as full journeyperson members to choose which jobs they work, they still enjoy an excellent work-life balance, with overtime paid for any work over eight hours a day.

Weekend work is common, but so are off-days, and generally the summer and winter months are slower, with union members free to spend time with family and friends, pursue other interests and even work a second job. And again, weekend work is considered overtime.

The 9-to-5 grind you hear so many of your friends complaining about? It doesn’t exist as a member of Local 491. Schedule flexibility and work-life balance are not only attainable but are the norm. Work the jobs you want to work, and take personal time when you want it. It’s all possible.